Open letter to University of Phoenix, and any other
online college who targets single parents or those
who find studying at home more convenient:

I feel like I have been enslaved. If education is
the key to get out of the ghetto, to attain a good
career to feed my children, or to learn more about
myself, then you all have monopolized on this idea
and left me with nothing but debt, poverty, and
confusion. I am right back where I started. You
offered me a chance to expand my knowledge in
the comfort of my own home. You held my hand
while I borrowed all of this money from the
government with the promise that I will be o
successful after our relationship that I wont have
any trouble paying it back because I will be so
smart and rich. You gave me hope that I, in turn ,
fed to my children that once I graduated, our lives
would be so much better. But it was a lie. You
encouraged me to convince all of my friends to join,
making the same empty promises to them. Now I
am stuck. I am forgetting my dreams. I am in so
much debt, not only to the government, but to you
as well. I have to face my children with a look of
lost hope and brokem promises. All because I
trusted you and gave you a chance. And you let me
down. The minute I notice no advancement, no
support and beg for help, I am ignored. The minute
the check clears, so has the attention and the
prescence. Gone are the phone calls to promote
encouragement. Gone are the promises of
assistance and security in knowing that I am not
only beneficial for monetary purposes. Wheres that
friend who held my hand or that soothing voice that
ensured I would not be left to fend for myself in this
process? What have I gained? What have you
gained? Its unfair that I gave a year of my life, time
taken from my children that I cannot return, just to
be in a worse position than when I started. Its unfair
that I gave you the trust of my friends, who have
also been failed, and have participated in doing
your dirty work. Now I am in debt and still
uneducated. I cannot even go elsewhere because
you have restricted me from continuing my
education. All because I was misrepresented and I
was regarded like an enemy. I feel worse than a
slave. Because at least a slave has choices.

Sincerely, a former friend.